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The process of writing a bail bond has to do with acquiring a defendants release for a monetary fee. By taking in a fee it can insure that the defendant will show up to court on the date mandated by the judge. A defendant’s fee is usually determined by a judge or a fee table. The system of bail exists so that the defendant can have the opportunity to continue his or her life while waiting for their trial to end.

Someone who’s arrested generally gets placed in custody and then taken to a police station that could be of a city or state. The suspect is interviewed and asked to give up all the information they might now regarding the crime. The suspect must give basic information along with taking a photo, going through fingerprinting, and a background check. A check for intoxication may also take place if it’s suspected that the defendant has taken any drugs. Any property that the suspect has will be held by the arresting officer and returned upon release. A phone call is generally allowed and after booking the suspect is sent to a county jail or local station for lock-up.

Usually the suspect will go in front of a judge the day after being arrested unless the arrest occurs during the weekend. During a bail hearing the judge will determine if the suspect can be released on bail, if it’s determined that the crime is not that serious then bail will be set by the judge.